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Mastering the Siddhis 

The Siddhis are a sequence of spiritual techniques that give practitioners mastery of their consciousness, their bodies, and their relationship to the universe. Once you've mastered the Siddhis your meditation practice will be exponentially more powerful. The experience of bliss consciousness that you experience in your deepest meditations will be both amplified and integrated deeply into your body. The Siddhis are a means of giving structure to the powerful spiritual energy that you have tapped during your your deepest meditations. If you've been practicing Vedic Meditation regularly for a year or more then you've probably already experienced some powerful and seemingly unexplainable consciousness experiences. You feel as though you're tapping into something incredibly powerful and yet ineffable. Most meditators wish that there was some sort of road map or user-manual for these deep, integrated states of consciousness. There are moments in meditation when that divine bliss seems so tangible that it seems like you could touch it or use that energy for creating something powerful in the outside world. Naturally you wonder how to use your deep experiences of consciousness in your evolution as a meditator and a powerful change maker in the world. The Siddhis are the answer to that question.

The great yoga master Patanjali cognized the Siddhis as a method for developing and cultivating the power of meditative consciousness states over 1400 years ago. Since then the method has been refined by successive generations of teachers including Shankaracharya Brahmananda Saraswati, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda, and my father Thom Knoles. I have studied the Siddhis under several great masters who all approached their subject matter differently. I have developed a new approach that combines the best of what these spiritual masters taught with the cutting edge of what's known in neuroscience and transformational psychology. 

The siddhis are the most powerful techniques that I teach. If you've been meditating regularly for a year or more then you are ready to take the next step. The Siddhis are only taught to adepts of the art of transcendence as they require great subtlety of thought and awareness to master them. I will be personally training you every step of the way.

-Charlie Knoles

Course dates, pricing, and registration.

There are 6 sequential modules of mastering the siddhis. Some people choose to only take 1 or two modules and others choose to take all of them.  You must have taken all previous modules of Mastering the Siddhis to advance to the next one.

Siddhis 1 and 2 will be taught in New York City on January 24th-27th 2017

Siddhis 3 and 4 will be taught in New York City on May 22nd-26th 2017

Siddhis 5 will be taught on September 6th and 7th 2017.

Siddhis 6 will be taught as part of a weeklong retreat in Bali at the end of 2017 Dates TBD

Price: Each module of Siddhis 1 through 5 is individually priced at $1000.

If you register for Siddhis 1 through 5 together as a package you will get a $750 discount

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