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Meditation Teacher Training

Interactive Online Training

With Charlie Knoles





Whether you're a yoga teacher looking to enhance your offerings, someone looking to start a meditation practice, or simply looking to deepen your own knowledge and experience, this program will get you there.


Graduates of Charlie's teaching programs have:

  • Built successful careers teaching meditation workshops and classes all over the world
  • Brought on regular, recurring clients from global corporations to yoga studios to private individuals
  • Changed not only their own lives but the lives of thousands of people

When you graduate from this program, you'll join the ranks of some of the most successful, effective, and fulfilled meditation teachers on the planet.


1. Present-Moment Awareness

State of awareness in which a person becomes vividly attentive and aware of what is happening right now, without judgment or the necessity to act.

2. Calm Focus

Deliberately shifting consciousness into a calm focused state using only the mind, body, or breath.

3. Energized Body & Mind

Meditation in motion where the body, mind, and breath are in dynamic activity while the mind stays centered and calm.

4. Transcendence/ Self Discovery

Allowing the mind to find a state beyond the superficial layers of the self and superficial layers of identity.  Silent, unbounded, undifferentiated consciousness beyond experience of time, the ego or the intellect.




You're A Knowledge Seeker

You want to become a master meditator but have no aspirations to teach regularly.

You want to know much more about the four central types of meditation and push your daily meditation practice to deeper level.

You are looking to understand the depths of what meditation is and isn't and, of course, learn how to meditate yourself.


You're A Wellness Professional

You work in the wellness field—maybe you're a yoga teacher or a mental health professional.

You know how powerful meditation can be, and you want to learn to teach it so you can create more professional opportunities.

You want your clients to sleep more soundly, live with less stress or anxiety, and enjoy a deep quality of living that only meditating can provide.


Teaching Is Your Calling

You've experienced the profound effects meditation has in your own life and are eager to share the practice with as many people as possible.

You want to help friends, family members, colleagues, and even strangers live on a deeper, more meaningful level.

You want them to thrive, living the happiest, most connected, and most fulfilled version of their life—and you're ready to play an instrumental role in making that happen.




Welcome to the training!

In this training, you'll learn what being a meditation teacher is all about.  You'll gain access to over 300 videos walking you through what to do each day.  You'll learn the traditional and modern perspective of the 4 major categories of meditation from all over the world.  You will learn to teach 3 techniques from each of the four categories of meditation--12 techniques in total.  You will learn to analyze the techniques to understand the timing and delivery of each of the techniques.  Charlie will introduce you to common questions and common experiences students have and how to move through discomforts and answer questions as they come up.  Each day you'll take micro quizzes to reinforce what you've learned, and each week you'll jump on the forums to answer questions asked in the lectures and upload videos of you teaching the techniques.  By the end of this training you'll not only be a master meditator, but you'll have mastered how to comfortably and confidently teach the techniques and built a community of colleagues  to grow and collaborate with from here on out. Through a series of lectures, practices, peer reviews, and assessments, you'll master this fundamental type of meditation.





This is where you'll establish an expert level of understanding for each type of meditation.  Every day you will gain access to a set of videos. The videos will tell you exactly what you should do that day, what meditation techniques you'll practice each day, and lectures that dives deep into various aspects of the technique.   


This is where you'll take what you learned in the lectures and put it into practice. You'll perfect your technique and analyze how each technique is taught.  You will analyze formula and timing of each technique so you can teach students to take the correct angle to access different states of consciousness.  You will practice teaching the techniques, perfecting your delivery and gaining confidence.  


This is where you'll learn how to teach, crafting responses to questions your students will likely have. You'll get feedback on those responses from your peers in the program. At the end of each application phase, you'll put what you've learned to the test and teach your own class!


At the end of successfully completing the training you'll receive an official Level 1 Certification from The Veda Center LLC and be well on your way to teaching your own class.




Charlie Knoles


Charlie Knoles is a Vedic Meditation teacher, the director of The Veda Center, and cofounder of The Path.

After learning to meditate at age 4, Charlie devoted his life to teaching meditation. His work as a meditation teacher has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Well and Good, and MindBodyGreen. He is the lead teacher for MindBodyGreen's online meditation program and has been a featured speaker and workshop leader on meditation at Cannes Lions, MBG Revitalize, Wanderlust festivals, Art Basel, and the Las Vegas Downtown Project.

Charlie has taught over 10,000 people to meditate from all walks of life including convicts, CEOs, celebrities, monks, and stay-at-home-dads. He has yet to find a person who is incapable of meditating.