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Private Course in Vedic Meditation

Meach med 6.jpg
Meach med 6.jpg

Private Course in Vedic Meditation

from 4,000.00

This is the full instruction in Vedic Meditation specially tailored for you.     You will learn your personal mantra and how to use it properly as well as receive personal instruction in the three stages of meditation and how to access the quiet, unbounded, unmanifest and blissful aspect of your inner consciousness. When you book a private course you may invite up to 10 friends or family to join you to learn in the same sessions.

Schedule a course to fit your schedule and invite up to 10 of your friends and family.  This course is designed for individuals who are busy or desire a more personal experience.

Standard- $5000 (You come to Charlie for private instruction.)

Standard On Location- $6000 (Charlie comes to you, within the city he is teaching, for private instruction.)

Maximum convenience- $8000 +travel expenses (Charlie travels to you anywhere in the world.)

Maximum impact- $4000/day (teaching as many sessions per day with as many students as you like, 4 day minimum, Charlie travels to your location)

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