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200 hour Online Meditation Teacher Training 

The Course Starts February 1st, 2019

100 Day: 200 hour online meditation teacher training. 

Covering everything you need to know to start teaching the four phases of meditation--Effective and simple meditation techniques that cultivate Present Moment Awareness, Calm Focus, Transcendence/Self Discovery and Energized Body and Mind.

You can enroll today and get the first week of training straightaway and instructions on how to continue until the start date of the training.  In the first week you'll learn about the four categories of meditation you'll be learning.  You'll learn about mind types and get to know your mind type and how to choose the category of meditation you will practice as your primary meditation throughout the training.



Every person is born with an innate capacity for greatness, but very few will realize their true potential without a teacher. 200 hr online teacher training is your opportunity to become that teacher and give the world a profound gift.  

The course consists of four components:

  1. Clear, Complete Training. This training has been designed to be as close to in person training as possible, while still providing the flexibility to allow you to live and work at home. Every day of the course you will know exactly what you need to do and how you are progressing toward your certification. Each day you will have access to videos that walk you through the meditation techniques you should practice, the lessons to follow and the assignments you need to complete. The meditations have been broken down into their simplest elements so you can easily understand how and why we teach them the way we do. You will learn about the common experiences and questions that come up for students. You will learn how to hear what they are actually asking and how to respond to the root of the experience. All you need to do is log onto the site, watch the videos and click on the assignments. Each week you will be walked step by step through learning to teach the techniques. After learning to teach the technique you'll upload a video of yourself teaching the technique. This being the very first time the training is available on The Veda Center platform you will have the option for loads personal attention for feedback, to answer questions and tailor the training. The training is designed to take 100 days to complete with an additional month built in so you can complete it at your own pace as needed. The training is released as prerecorded videos each day with additional interaction with Charlie through live Q&A sessions and lectures as needed.

  2. Learning to Teach 4 Categories of Meditation We’ve designed the course around four primary meditative experiences/capabilities rather than trying to have perfect fidelity to any particular traditions. The four experiences are Present Moment Awareness, Calm Focus, Energized Body & Mind, and Transcendence/Self Discovery. The reason we’ve done this is to try to remove any traces of dogma from the instruction and instead always refer to the direct experience of the meditator to determine whether the instruction is effective or not. These four primary experiences can be found in most meditative traditions although one school may emphasize one or more over the others. That said, we are nothing without our training and influences and we’d be remiss not to give credit to the traditions that we have drawn from for this course. Present Moment Awareness is most frequently emphasized in buddhist traditions such as Vipassana and Zen. Calm focus is a state that’s emphasized in Metta, Hypnotism, Prayer, Chanting, and other forms of instructor-guided meditation. Energized body-mind draws from Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, and Chi-Breathing all of which seek to enhance or distribute energy in the body. Transcendence/Self Discovery is a state that is common to many meditative traditions but was most thoroughly developed in the Vedic tradition along with the philosophical system of Advaita vedanta.

  3. Rapid Transformation. Throughout this training you will be meditating a lot and you will be clearing out deep rooted stresses to better be able to teach the techniques. You will be taught special techniques and lifestyle adjustments you can use to be able to comfortably handle the release of stress and increase the rate of transformation. Expect all aspects of your life to transform. Prepare for great things to happen.

  4. Community and World Wide Teaching Opportunities. With this training we are creating a global community of teachers and students seeking to better themselves and the world through meditation. We are a community of brothers and sisters who lift each other up and lead each to our best expression. Through our online forum we will be able to give feedback to help each other refine our teaching styles and encourage greatness. As individuals graduate from this course we will continue to share best practices, create greater opportunities, and bring meditation to the world. Every day, I am approached by individuals around the world looking for excellent meditation teachers. As individuals graduate from this training I will be looking for students who stand out in their assignments, teaching ability, and overall attitude to recommend and connect with amazing teaching opportunities.

Who is this course for?

The leader 

Meditation has given you deep experiential insights. You feel awakened and you know you have the personal power to bring this same awakening to others. You feel as though we're on the crest of a wave and that with the right training you could bring many people the same level of insight that you've gained from your own practice. You've been looking for a way to bring meditation to the masses but nothing has quite fit... until now.

The Healer

You are already helping many people to heal and grow. You may be a therapist, doctor, trainer, nurse, coach, or mentor but the title belies your deeper purpose which is to facilitate growth and healing in all the people you contact. Learning to teach meditation gives you another powerful tool to help your clients, friends, patients, and community. All you've been waiting for is a credible and thorough course to give you the training you need.

The True Yogi

Your path to spiritual experience came through movement, flow, and mastery of the body. Whether through dance, asana, athletics, or martial arts your body has been your guide that moves you into spiritual states. The philosophy of yoga recognizes that the body is the seat of consciousness. Having gained a level of perfection and mastery in movement you now wish to elevate and expand your consciousness so that your body is a perfect home for it.

Testimonials from previous course graduates

"This has been such a great and challenging experience that has not only provided the tools to help me continue to expand my practice over the coming years, but also created a solid foundation and level of confidence necessary to share these techniques with others. I'm so excited to begin teaching! Thank you so much for creating this program, and good luck with your future classes!"

-Robby, 200 hour teacher training graduate

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the knowledge and expertise you provided in this course. I had taken a previous certification in the Shambhala lineage and I have to say I did not come out with the confidence to teach that I do after your course. If you every offer an online advanced training I would be the first to sign up."

-Sue, 200 hour teacher training graduate


What will be covered on the course?

200 Hr Online Meditation Teacher Training 

A 100 day online meditation teacher training

This at-home 200 hour meditation teacher training covers everything you need to know to start teaching the four phases of meditation--the four main categories of meditation from around the world.  You will learn to teach three basic meditation techniques from each of the four categories of meditation--Present Moment Awareness, Intention, Transcendence/Self-Discovery, and Energized Body and Mind meditations. Everyday you will have specific meditations to practice, lessons to follow, and assignments to submit.  You will be taught about the benchmark experiences that accompany the body and mind moving toward different states of awareness and how to respond to student's questions or unique experience during meditation.  You will learn how to choose which meditation is best for you and which one is best for your students to practice.  This course has been designed to be as clear and concise as possible to teach you everything you need to know to be a powerful, effective teacher and position you for deep transformative experience throughout the training.  You will be expected to work hard, but the pay off is incredible.  

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Meet your instructor

Charlie Knoles will be your primary instructor, mentor, and guide. He is a Vedic Meditation teacher, a teacher of teachers, the Director of The Veda Center, and Co-Founder of The Path. After learning to meditate at age 4, Charlie devoted his life to teaching meditation and through the VMTT, is deeply inspired to share his knowledge with the world. 

Charlie’s work as a meditation teacher has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Well and Good, and MindBodyGreen. He is a lead teacher for MindBodyGreen's online meditation program and has been a featured speaker and workshop leader on meditation at Cannes Lions, MBG Revitalize, Wanderlust festivals, Art Basel, and the Las Vegas Downtown Project. He has trained and mentored meditation teachers who have now become leaders of the new meditation revolution. 

Charlie has taught over 7,000 people to meditate from all walks of life including convicts, CEOs, celebrities, monks, and stay-at-home-dads. He has yet to find a person who is incapable of meditating.

Charlie, thank you SO much for everything. I am so happy that I waited and got to take the course with you. I feel like this is really going to change my life. I feel it already is. So, many thanks."

— Rooney Mara, Actress

"Charlie is a very knowledgeable meditation teacher. Vedic meditation has given me the ability to center myself and relax in a particular moment as well as made me adaptable and flexible outside of meditation in this crazy entertainment industry."

— Jordana Brewster, Actress

"The meditation practice Charlie taught me changed the course of my life. His glowing magnetic presence and the joyful ease in which he conveys his vast knowledge and insight resonated deeply and left me with a daily meditation practice that has propelled me towards my dreams."

— Pari Ehsan, Fashion Blogger

"Charlie is a game/life changer. He teaches in a truly non-ego, human, fully approachable and all encompassing way. I am truly grateful to call him my teacher and my friend."

— Mara Hoffman, Fashion Designer


$1000 200 hour online Meditation Teacher Training. You will receive access to forums and all the online audio and video materials as they unfold sequentially. 

All prices are in U.S Dollars.


  1. I took your MindBodyGreen 200hr meditation teacher training. Is this the same thing? This training is not exactly the same as the MBG training. This is the refined, and upgraded version of that training. Together with MindBodyGreen we decided that we could better meet the needs of the students on our own platform.

  2. I took your MindBodyGreen 200hr meditation teacher training last year. Can I take this one for free? We are so happy that you liked the MBG training. Email courses@thevedacenter and we will work out the continued training that is best for you. We offer substantial discounts for students who took the MindBodyGreen 200hr meditation teacher training program.

  3. The 200 hour on-line Meditation Teacher Training course sounds amazing! Can I teach Vedic Meditation once I complete this training? When you complete this training you will be certified to teach basic techniques in four different categories of meditation. One of the categories, Transcendence/Self Discovery, is the category that Vedic Meditation falls into. You will learn to teach three universal mantras, but if you want to learn to give students personal mantras you will need to have further training. See our other page on this site that describes the path to becoming a Vedic Meditation teacher.

  4. What if I can't free up time to watch the course material as it is released? Keeping up with the course material is key to rapid transformation and mastering the course material. That said, we know that things come up that may make it difficult to complete the training in 100 days. So we have given an additional 100 day grace period for individuals who need to slow the pace of the training. Even if you aren't able to complete the course work each day you are expected to meditate each day and you will need to set aside time each week to keep a steady pace so you don't fall too far behind.

  5. What if I start the training and can't complete it, don't like it or want to stop for some reason. Can I get a refund? The very first day of the training you will get an outline of the entire course. You will be able to check the course out for one week to see if it is a good fit for your life and your desire to become a teacher. In the first week we will go deep getting to know the four categories of meditation. In week two we will begin to learn to teach. Anytime in the first six days of the training you can request a refund, but after that no refunds will be given. If something comes up after the first week and you know you won't be able to complete the training as planned, we will work with you to come up with a way forward or transfer you to a later training so you can complete the course work and be eligible for certification.

  6. Can I transfer to a later session? You have up to 200 days in each session to complete the training. This should give plenty of time to slow the pace to fit with your life style or adjust if challenges come up. If you still need or want to transfer to a later session you will need to begin the training again at the first lesson and pay a transfer fee.

  7. What is the deadline to register for the September 200 hr Teacher Training? The 200 hrs training starts on September 1st and lessons will be released daily. It’s possible to register after that date but it will be best to progress with the group.

  8. Are the daily lessons pre recorded? What is the format? The lessons are pre-recorded video with quizzes and assignments.

  9. How is the homework organized? Is it assignments to email, etc? Throughout the course you will do both short quizzes and longer assessments. You will also be given a recommended reading list and a meditation program that you will need to follow. After you learn to teach a technique you will upload a video of yourself teaching that techniques to receive feedback from your peers and in some cases feedback from me.

  10. Is there much live interaction with you (Charlie Knoles?) Yes. I’ll be doing live-streamed Q&As during the course, interacting with students on the forums, and giving feedback on select teaching videos.

  11. Do you offer any payment plans? We do not offer any payment plans at this time. We offer a limited number of full scholarships to all of our courses for people who are in genuine financial need. These scholarships are usually only granted for our introductory courses because completion of advanced courses and teacher trainings is difficult if you are in an unstable situation. However if you feel that you may qualify for a scholarship you are invited to apply here.

  12. I have a question that you haven't answered! Great! Email us at and we'll update the list.