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Flagstaff, AZ

Memorial Day Weekend  

May 23-25 2014 

Come away for a weekend of deep rest and rejuvenation.  Feel the silence and exhilaration of meditating at 7,000ft on the edge of a 215 acres nature preserve.  We will feel the silence of the inner and outer world.  Each day as the sunrises over the open fields we will be blessed by the deer as they graze outside the window.  This is your opportunity to come away from your busy life and commune with nature and your very own true self.  You will have the weekend to unwind and release years of stress while being fully cared for and nourished.  You will have the time to completely relax and let go of all obligations.  We will gently guide you through the process of untangling mistakes of the intellect and loosening the ties that hold you to behaviors that no longer serve you.  You will come away from the weekend more fully in touch with your true desires and able to understand your path to fulfillment and joy.  

Three delicious handmade gourmet organic vegetarian meals will be served each day, with vegan and gluten free options available upon request.  Great care will be made in preparing the most nourishing sattvic (pure vedic) foods to enhance and balance the experience of deep meditations.

Everyone attending this retreat will be encouraged to leave their cell phones and digital devices at the door.  This will be a weekend to listen to your inner voice and let go of outer influences.  You will be encouraged to prepare for the weekend by handling all responsibilities prior to arrival and preparing your friends and loved ones for your weekend without you.  Phone calls, text messages, and computer access will be on hold for a couple of days to give you the opportunity to be present for the profound experience of being present.

This is an advanced retreat is open to those who've been meditating for at least 1 year.  This retreat is designed to take your meditation practice and intellectual understanding to new levels unlocking greater bliss and sustainable inner peace.

What's included?

2 nights beautiful accommodation, delicious organic meals Friday evening through Sunday lunch, snacks, beverages, daily group meditation, transformative talks.

Rates (per person or couple)

$400 Saturday and Sunday Daytime only (9am-5pm each day; lunch served)

$800 Shared Adult (shared bedroom, shared bathroom)

$1200 Private Adult  (private bedroom, shared bathroom)

$1600 Couple (private bedroom, for couple, with kingsized bed and shared bathroom)

$2000 Couple's Plush (private bedroom, for couple, w/ kingsized bed + private bathroom w/ soaking tub)

Luxury options are also available. Please email to find out more.