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Master your life.

Become a Certified Meditation Teacher. Our online training starts on October 1st 2019


Learn to meditate

Meditation is easy but practicing correctly is counterintuitive. As a result most people who try it end up creating problems that stop them from continuing. They never learn the most important lesson about the practice: It is impossible to fail at meditation.

It doesn't need to be so hard. We have spent years studying how to teach meditation to every kind of person. Whether you want to practice at home and learn online or you'd like to master Vedic Meditation we would love to teach you.


Go deeper in your practice

If meditation has already changed your life then you are ready to take your next step. We have retreats and advanced knowledge courses available both in person and online.  

You need time to develop yourself further and grow. We want to help you. We have crafted courses that powerfully transform people and help them to grow into their full potential. You deserve a purposeful and meaningful life filled with happiness and love. 


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become a meditation teacher

There is nothing more rewarding than passing on the knowledge of meditation. 

On a personal level you get to watch people transform from being, tired, stressed, and unhappy to being relaxed, enthusiastic, and full of energy and life. On the broader level of society your life's mission becomes to alleviate the central cause of suffering and dysfunction in the world. At the center of every major political, social, and environmental problem are stressed out people making bad decisions because they can't cope. Be the solution.