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I am confused as to how to fill up my own happiness. I have struggled with that for some time, this feeling of things not being quite right. I want to be happy, but i cant seem to get there...insecurities, doubts, fears...they get in the way. I hope meditation will help but after I finish meditating these feelings come back. Am I doing this wrong?

Wanting Overwhelming, Real, Results In Every Day.


This is a really great question that gets right to the heart of what I teach. It seems like most people believe that happiness comes from something outside of themselves. What I want to teach you in this course is that a deeper and more lasting sense of happiness can be developed inside yourself and that meditation is the best way to realize it. These insecurities and doubts that you mention are there for everyone, myself included. Meditation gives us the power to turn the volume down on them though so that they become a faint whisper rather than a dominant shouted voice inside our minds.

An important thing to realize is that the results of meditation take time and consistent practice. There are instant results when you meditate but that doesn't mean that you should think of it as a quick fix to any emotional problems. If you're finding difficulty with it at this point [after 1 week of practice] it's totally normal.  Give yourself a few weeks of consistent practice though and you'll see big changes in the way you feel both in and out of meditation.



Follow up question:

Thank you, Charlie. It makes sense. I hope i can stay with it. Just ten minutes per session will help, right?

Ten minutes per session will definitely help. Any amount of time more than that will be icing on the cake though and I think icing is really delicious. Go for the icing.

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