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Vedic Meditation Teacher Training

June 16th-September 8th 2019

$10,000 USD 

Pre-requisites: To take this course you must have been practicing Vedic meditation for 1 year and have completed Vedic Meditation Mastery, or an equivalent course.

The Course

a 3 Month Vedic meditation Teacher training intensive retreat. a FULL time immersion course in Bali. 

Every person is born with an innate capacity for greatness. Transcendence and enlightenment are our birthright but very few will realize their true potential without a teacher. Vedic Meditation teacher training is your opportunity to become that teacher and give the world a profound gift.  

The course consists of four components:

  1. Mental and physical conditioning to transform you into a perfect vessel for the expansion of knowledge and pure consciousness. You will become strong, limber and clear energetic blocks in your body. You will let go of toxic habits that have held you back. Every day you will engage in a progressive program of fitness that includes the strengthening the subtle body.

  2. Expansion of the heart and senses through a deeper program of meditation, pranayama and yoga. This will take your experience of consciousness expansion to a level of integration that you have never previously experienced. Your awareness will become sharp, your heart will be open and powerful, your breath will enhance your bodily energy. You will feel alive in the universe. You will begin the process of surrender that leads to true mastery of the body and the senses.

  3. Rigorous application of knowledge and wisdom. You will become conversant in the greatest understandings of the masters of the vedic tradition. You will challenge, integrate, and expand these thoughts through logical inquiry and the lens of science. You will be expected to lift your intellect to its highest level and stretch your thinking in new ways. You will expand your capacity for memorization, logical exposition, elucidation of complex ideas, and crystallizing them into powerful and truthful teachings. A modern vedic teacher cannot afford to be an intellectual lightweight. We will be guided at all times by the sanskrit aphorism "Satyam Eva Jayate!" -Truth alone triumphs. We only care about that which is true because truth is eternal. The bright diamond of your intellect will shine forth and you'll let go of any limiting ideas, dogma, self doubt, and ignorance that has stopped you from shining.

  4. Expansion and growth in your career as a Vedic Meditation teacher after you graduate. Once you’ve completed the VMTT, you’ll not only be a Vedic Meditation teacher but you'll be empowered with a toolkit to be a powerful vehicle for change, mentor and guide. You'll be an expert leader in your community. You’ll have deep understanding of the Vedic traditions, culture, teachings and guidance. You’ll also have access to The Veda Center career path program, an opportunity to enter the first phase of your teaching journey at our events as a guide and teacher.

Sounds amazing! Where do I start?

  1. You can download the first section of the Vedic Meditation Mastery course and begin studying them immediately. The first week of the at home course is free. Whether you decide to continue the course or not you will love what you have to learn.

Who is this course for?

The Wisdom Seeker

Meditation has given you deep experiential insights into the nature of the self. You now feel a pull towards a more integrated form of knowledge. There's a sweet spot between ancient Vedic wisdom, scientific understanding, and your own powerful consciousness experiences and that's the place where you feel most at ease. Knowledge resonates with you and is amplified by you. Passing it forward to the next generation feels like your calling.

The Change Maker

You measure your life by the impact you make on the world. Your work and social life bridges different communities that would normally never touch each other. When you set your mind to it you have a work ethic like no other person and you succeed at everything you do. Despite all the passion, joy, and love that you pour into the world there is something missing because you were not meant to fit in. You are meant to create a better world. 

The True Yogi

Your path to spiritual experience came through movement, flow, and mastery of the body. Whether through dance, asana, athletics, or martial arts your body has been your guide that moves you into spiritual states. The philosophy of yoga recognizes that the body is the seat of consciousness. Having gained a level of perfection and mastery in movement you now wish to elevate and expand your consciousness so that your body is a perfect home for it.

What will be covered on the course?

VEDIC MEDITATION Teacher Training 3 month immersion

Loosening and clearing deep stresses stored in the physiology.

During this three month immersion course you will spend many hours each day practicing Vedic Meditation and advanced techniques designed to rapidly clear the body to stress that has been incurred over a lifetime.  You will be carefully guided and cared for during this experience to ensure the process is comfortable as smooth as possible.  You will be taught a sequence of techniques to increase the speed of evolution and break the chains of past experience.  You will become light and clear and ready to teach with purity and purpose.

How to teach Vedic Meditation.

Vedic Meditation is a formula to stimulate experience.  You will learn how to apply this formula to your students to position them to move toward transcendence.  Throughout the three months the formula will be sequentially unfolded as you become ready.  You will learn not only to position your students toward transcendence, but also how to identify benchmark experiences, answer questions pertaining to the student experiences, how to reach as people as possible through your teaching and build a business of integrity.

A combination of online and personalized training.

When you are accepted to the Vedic Meditation Teacher Training you will be given complete access to the complete Vedic Meditation Mastery course (paid separately) in preparation for the three month intensive.  This at home course covers all the prerequisite knowledge that you need to begin your training as a Vedic Meditation teacher and will give you a personal course of training to get your mind and body in optimal condition for deep learning and powerful spiritual experiences. We will be examining modern and ancient understanding of Vedic knowledge through the lenses of the great scholars of Vedanta from the east and west. You'll be completing readings, study, and critiques of the great works of Vedic literature while simultaneously opening your body and mind to the types of experiences described therein. We will be examining key ideas from neuroscience, physiology, and cosmology and how they relate to meditation. You will be given exercises in critical thought, memorization, ethics, and subtle perception. For those who have not taken Exploring the Veda or Mastering the Siddhis a special training track will be created to accelerate your progress. Many parts of this course will be personally therapeutic and you will be asked to come to it with willingness to go through all the steps to grow and change.  The amount of hands on training time will vary according to your personal needs.

Meet your instructor

As featured at:

as featured at

Charlie Knoles will be your primary instructor, mentor, and guide. He is a Vedic Meditation teacher, a teacher of teachers, the Director of The Veda Center, and Co-Founder of The Path. After learning to meditate at age 4, Charlie devoted his life to teaching meditation and through the VMTT, is deeply inspired to share his knowledge with the world. 
Charlie’s work as a meditation teacher has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Well and Good, and MindBodyGreen. He is a lead teacher for MindBodyGreen's online meditation program and has been a featured speaker and workshop leader on meditation at Cannes Lions, MBG Revitalize, Wanderlust festivals, Art Basel, and the Las Vegas Downtown Project. He has trained and mentored meditation teachers who have now become leaders of the new meditation revolution. 
Charlie has taught over 7,000 people to meditate from all walks of life including convicts, CEOs, celebrities, monks, children, and stay-at-home-dads. He has yet to find a person who is incapable of meditating.