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Veda Center scholarships

We offer scholarships for all our courses to people who are financially disadvantaged. Before applying please read all the terms below.

  1. Scholarships are granted or denied at the sole discretion of The Veda Center staff. There is no appeal.
  2. Scholarships are not granted to people who are only short on money because have voluntarily sought out a low-paid position while following their dreams and are trying to break into a high risk/high reward industry. Examples include but are not limited to:
    • Unpaid or low paid interns in the fashion, advertising, or design industry.
    •  Performers who are trying to break into Hollywood, Broadway, Nashville, etc. but have yet to book a big gig.
    • Entrepreneurs in an early-stage startup who have limited access to capital.
  3. Scholarships are limited in number per course. Sometimes applicants who would normally be accepted will be denied if they apply too late and the available scholarships have already been taken. If this applies to you we will let you know so you can transfer your application to a future course.
  4. Proof of financially disadvantaged status is required for all applications.
  5. Scholarship applications are accepted for all courses but are usually not granted for advanced courses and teacher training unless there are exceptional circumstances. Completion of advanced courses requires a high degree of emotional and personal stability and this is usually contraindicated by circumstances that would qualify a person for a scholarship. This is not an absolute rule though, and we encourage everyone who feels they may qualify for a scholarship to apply.
  6. Scholarships are usually accepted for the following categories:
    • Refugees
    • People with chronic or terminal illness
    • Victims of domestic violence
    • People displaced by natural disasters
    • Homeless people

NOTE: Scholarships for the February 1st 2018, 200 hour teacher training course are now closed. If you apply for this course your application will be counted towards the next available course.

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