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The world is full of problems

Be the solution.

200 hour ONLINE meditation teacher training

Our 200 hour online teacher training program certifies you to teach the four main experiences of meditation: Present Moment Awareness; Calm Focus; Energized Body & Mind; and Transcendence/Self-Discovery. This course is a standalone teacher training that will certify you to teach twelve different meditations straight away.  For those who would like to continue their training afterwards and become additionally certified as Vedic Meditation teachers this course will count towards your training.

The next session begins October 1st 2019. You may enroll now to save your spot and begin the first week of the training straightaway.


Vedic Meditation mastery

1800 Hour Vedic meditation teacher training

Our annual Vedic Meditation teacher training for June 16th-September 8, 2019 is fully booked and registration is closed. This is an intensive, 3-month retreat in Bali . During this course you will be instructed how to teach the method of Vedic Meditation in its pure form as handed down for generations in the Shankaracharya tradition. At the apex of the course you will be practicing 14 rounds per day of meditation, pranayama, and yoga asanas. 

If you are interested in joining our next 3-month intensive Vedic Meditation Teacher Training please click on the following link to apply.

This foundational course is the first step of training in taking the 1800 hour Vedic Meditation teacher training intensive. This extensive, at-home knowledge course that covers Vedic philosophy, advanced meditation practice, mind-body training to cultivate your capacity for more integrated states of consciousness, and one-on-one coaching to help you overcome your mental and physical blocks and become your best self. You can take Vedic Meditation Mastery either as a standalone course for your own growth and knowledge or as preparation to take the 1800 hour Vedic Meditation teacher training course. This course does not certify you to teach but it prepares you to take VMTT. 

At the center of every big problem is a stressed-out, overwhelmed, person making bad decisions because they don't know how to cope. Meditation is more necessary now than it has ever been. Luckily for all of us there is a huge groundswell of support and interest in meditation unlike anything we've ever seen before. Doctors are prescribing meditation; corporations are running meditation programs for employees; scientists say that meditation benefits health in surprising ways; even military and police forces are integrating meditation into their training. When you add this to the artists, athletes, actors, and musicians who call meditation their secret to success it's obvious that we are at a cultural turning point. 

There's only one problem. A lot of the people who are teaching meditation right now are not very good at it.

 There are a lot of people going around right now calling themselves meditation teachers even though they have absolutely no training. It's very easy to call yourself a meditation teacher but it's much more difficult to really become one. We recognize that most of the people who are trying to teach have good intentions. They want to help people. Unfortunately we've seen many cases where teachers are propagating major misconceptions about meditation. Even when teachers are well trained they are often caught up in religious or philosophical dogmas that inhibit their teaching practice. The roads to ignorance and enlightenment are both paved with good intentions. We want to amplify your good intentions and also ensure that you are on the right path.

We also recognize that some people want to go really deeply into the Vedic tradition whereas others may want to simply teach some meditation to their yoga class or clients from a position of credibility and knowledge. We have two levels of teacher training that are appropriate for each case. We also recognize that some people want to go really deeply into the Vedic tradition to begin to stabilize higher states of awareness and learn to choose personal Vedic mantras for their students. While there are others who may want to learn to teach simple meditation techniques appropriate for large group one off class settings like yoga or work seminars from a position of credibility and knowledge. We have two levels of teacher training that are appropriate for each case.  Make no mistake, both courses are very rigorous and thorough. At the end of each course you will feel well-trained and confident.

You'll be ready to teach.

Teachers at The Veda Center

Charlie Knoles


Charlie Knoles is a Vedic Meditation teacher, the director of The Veda Center, and cofounder of The Path.

After learning to meditate at age 4, Charlie devoted his life to teaching meditation. His work as a meditation teacher has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Well and Good, and MindBodyGreen. He is the lead teacher for MindBodyGreen's online meditation program and has been a featured speaker and workshop leader on meditation at Cannes Lions, MBG Revitalize, Wanderlust festivals, Art Basel, and the Las Vegas Downtown Project.

Charlie has taught over 10,000 people to meditate from all walks of life including convicts, CEOs, celebrities, monks, and stay-at-home-dads. He has yet to find a person who is incapable of meditating.



Charlie Knoles

Liddy Arens

Liddy Arens is a meditation teacher and co-founder of The Veda Center with extensive training in the Vedic knowledge and co-creator of the 200 hr Meditation Teacher Training, a path to learning to teach the essential techniques from the four major categories of meditation around the world.  Along with teaching meditation she integrates yoga and ayurveda in her work to help women enhance fertility and bring comfort and strength to pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. The techniques she teaches help women and men find empowerment and release traumas to prepare for pregnancy and birth.  

Liddy has taught students, trained meditation teachers, and worked with clients from all walks of life.  Her expertise lies in facilitating rapid transformation, and bringing comfort throughout the process.  

LIddy Arens